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Holiday Season Discount Tickets- Adults (aged 16 and up) Only $54.95 for the entire 3 day weekend. This price is available only until midnight of December 31st. Tickets will be $99.95 prior to the event. And we expect to sell out, so BUY NOW!

Holiday Season Discount Tickets- Student (ages 7-15) Only $44.95 for the entire 3 day weekend. This price is available only until midnight December 31st.  Tickets will be $89.95 prior to the event. (We expect to sell out, so buy now!)

Child 2-7 years old.   Only $9.95  (Sorry. We must have a minimum charge for children of this age, since they must be accompanied by an adult, and therefore will occupy seats during our many teaching sessions.)

Pets (Dogs, Cats, Llamas, etc.)  are  NOT Allowed at the Event.   Because of incidents in the past, no pets are allowed on the event grounds. (If you are paying Orchard Lake Campground for a campsite, you may keep pets in your campsite, based on the rules of the campground.)  A legitimate, professionally trained service dog, legally marked, and under your direct control is the only exception. A legitimate professionally trained service dog is not a “comfort animal”.  (If you need comfort, go find a “safe space”.)

Prepper Camp Tickets are NON REFUNDABLE.  (However, you may transfer your tickets to someone else of your choosing, if it turns out that you are not able to use the tickets yourself. Scroll down to see more suggestions on buying and selling existing tickets.) 

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The Event and the Campground are located at Orchard Lake Campground, 460 Orchard Lake Rd, Saluda, NC  (click here for directions)

Overnight Campground Reservations:


You can camp on site, commute from home, or stay at an area hotel to attend Prepper Camp, so camping reservations are a separate transaction from the purchase of Prepper Camp Event Tickets.

After you purchase your Prepper Camp event tickets, if you would like to camp on site,  simply contact the Orchard Lake Campground office and request reservations for their camping facilities. You can make on-line reservation requests here:

Tent City sites (without hookups) are also available below. 

If you would like to make reservations to stay at the Campground for the Prepper Camp event, you can find out more information by contacting the campsite owner via email or by calling the Orchard Lake Campground office and leaving a message. You can see their website for more information as well as contact information and the phone number: 

Tent City sites (without hookups) 



Camp on site and make Prepper Camp 2024 a 24hr/day experience! Share information and camaraderie with other Prepper Camp attendees from all over the country. 

(Again, contact Orchard Lake Campground, to make reservations for camping on site.)

Or you can make alternate plans for reservations at area hotels in the Saluda or Hendersonville NC areas.  (A list of hotels within close driving distance of  Prepper Camp are given below.)

Hotels Within Close Proximity to Prepper Camp

Hampton Inn, Hendersonville, NC
This is a Hilton Property- so your Honors program works here. Call hotel directly for reservations 828-697-2333. Visit the website for more information on the hotel:

Saluda Mountain Lodge, Saluda, NC
“Here at the Saluda Mountain Lodge, we go the extra mile to make your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.  We offer park-at-your-door convenience with the personal service of an exclusive Bed & Breakfast.”
Please call us at (828) 749-4951 with your credit card information to secure your reservation.

Mountain Inn & Suites Flat Rock, NC
30 standard 2 queen rooms-  828-692-7772.

Click on these Accommodations links for information on how to contact these additional lodging providers.

The Oaks Bed and Breakfast

The Orchard Inn

Blue Firefly Inn

Cabin Fever

Charles Street Garden 

Silver Creek Camping

We have no way accept tickets saved to your phone!  So PRINT OUT YOUR TICKETS (from your confirmation email) and bring them with you to registration!

By Purchasing Tickets below, you have agreed to our Terms of Service. (Click here) 

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NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE (OR NEED TO SIGN UP FOR), A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PURCHASE TICKETS. (You can use any credit or debit card to make your purchase.)

FYI: You may have to turn off your ad blocker/cookies blocker (i.e. not use browsers like DuckDuckGo or Opera), and your VPN to be able to “add to cart”. 6

Or Click Here to get to the Ticketing site 
Or use this link:



If You Cannot Find Your Tickets, Please Note:

We do not mail tickets to you. You can download tickets from the Ticket Leap website after you pay for them (click “Return To Merchant” after you have paid).

You will also have received a confirmation email where you can download and print your tickets (the email will be from “Ticketleap orders” with the subject line: “Your Ticket – Prepper Camp 2024”).

Note: Your bank and credit card statements may indicate your Prepper Camp ticket purchase as “PREPPERCAMP”, “PrepCampAlevenGoats”, or “Aleven Goats Media, Inc.”


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Videos by Prepper Camp 2022 & 2023 musical guest: Five Times August (below)

Support Our Sponsors Below!

Survivalist Gardener YouTube

Prepper Camp Merchandise!