2019 Prepper Camp T-Shirts

veteran wearing prepper camp shirt update 7 3 19


This is the official PREPPER CAMP 2019 t-shirt design! Support your favorite prepper event by wearing the new PREPPER CAMP 2019 t-shirt! 

Preorders Only. Must order by September 1st. You can order your T-shirts through Brushfire Bushcraft at: https://www.etsy.com/listing/615564891/prepper-camp-2019-t-shirt

Shirts will be available for pick up at the Brushfire Bushcraft and Survival booth at PREPPER CAMP September 27th - 29th.



      Prepper Camp Velcro Patch

Your Prepper Camp Velcro Patch can be worn on your hats, clothing, backpack and more!  Patch is 2.5" tall and has the "hook" backing, so it will stick to any "loop" surface.  

We will have a supply of these at Prepper Camp at the Brushfire Bushcraft and Survival booth... but supplies are limited.
Only $5.00! 






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