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2022 Keynote Speaker

Kevin Shipp, Former CIA Officer, Counterterrorism Expert and Shadow Government Whistleblower

2022 Prepper Camp Musical Guest - Five Times August-

#1 Singer/Songwriter Album on Apple and Amazon Charts

Click to watch: Five Times August at Defeat the Mandates DC

Videos by Prepper Camp 2022 musical guest: Five Times August (below)

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Class and Event Schedules for Prepper CampTM                              

We look forward to hosting you at Prepper Camp 2023!

We have lined up a wonderful array of classes for you, taught by some of the best preparedness instructors in the country.

We are continually adding new speakers and new classes to bring you the best, and the most up to date, information and topics, in preparedness and homesteading.  In fact, we already have over 20 new classes this year, and we are updating our Meet the Speakers page, our Preparedness/Homestead Class list page, and our Detailed Class Information page, as we bring on new speakers and as we get the detailed class descriptions from those new speakers.

Just as in years past, we try as much as possible to schedule the same classes on each of the three days at the same time on each day, to allow you the opportunity to see the classes you most wish to see, even if there is a conflict between 2 or more classes in the schedule.

Of course we all know that “stuff happens”, and things are always subject to change, however, we intend to be offering 8 classes every hour for at 8 hours during the day- on each day.  (That’s 56- 64 classes every day!)

Also- if you have not already done so, make sure to “Sign Up for Updates” (Subscribe- to the right) here on our website, to get the latest Prepper Camp information, as soon as it is available.

Here is the Class Schedule for Prepper Camp 2022    

The PDF files below is a link to last year’s schedule of classes.  This year’s class schedule (dates and times for each class) will not be posted until two weeks prior to the event. For specific class information you should view the class listings and the detailed class information by clicking on the links in the menu bar to the right.

You may view and print out a copy of the class schedule by clicking the link below. (Note that you can attend any class, on any day of your choosing, without having to preregister. You can make your own schedule according to your own interests!)

Download the PDF file to your computer or your phone.

Print them out.

Just bring your own copy of the schedule, because we will NOT be handing these out at the event.

We look forward to seeing you at Prepper Camp 2023! 

See the Detailed Class Information page for place and times.

Please click here to see the Prepper Camp 2022 Class Schedule:

PrepperCampSchedule 2022


Here is the 2022 Class and Event Map for Prepper CampSM 

Please click here to see the Prepper Camp Event Map (to see where all the classes are to be held): 


Please print it out and make sure to bring this with you to Prepper Camp as well!

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Videos by Prepper Camp 2022 musical guest: Five Times August (below)

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