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2022 Keynote Speaker

Kevin Shipp, Former CIA Officer, Counterterrorism Expert and Shadow Government Whistleblower

2022 Prepper Camp Musical Guest - Five Times August-

#1 Singer/Songwriter Album on Apple and Amazon Charts

Click to watch: Five Times August at Defeat the Mandates DC

Videos by Prepper Camp 2022 musical guest: Five Times August (below)

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We want Prepper CampTM to be the BEST possible experience for all involved.

Trouble Registering or Ordering Tickets?

So if you have any major questions that we have not answered on this website, or if you have any trouble what-so-ever in registering, or purchasing tickets- WE WANT TO KNOW about it!

You can contact me, Rick Austin at 

Questions About Class Specifics, Schedules, etc.

If you have other questions about classes, specifics, schedules, camping, etc., please note that we have either answered most of those questions on the appropriate pages, or that we will be giving more specific information in the very near future.

Vendor and Sponsor Information 

If you are a potential  VENDOR or SPONSOR and want to participate in this event- please send your email to


Rick Austin

The Survivalist Gardener, and 

Prepper Camp Administrator.


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2019 Keynote Speaker

Agenda- Grinding American Down Curtis Bowers - Film Maker

Podcast about Prepper Camp

Click Below to Listen to the Matter Of Facts Podcast with Rick Austin on Prepper Camp

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