2017 Prepper CampTM T-Shirts, Backpacks, Messenger Bags, Hats and Patches  --         Some May Be Available a Prepper Camp- But Supplies Are Limited.

If you already ordered your merchandise from this website, your items will be delivered to you at Prepper Camp 2017. Just pick them up when you arrive at event registration!

If you missed buying your 2017 merchandise, there still may be some available at Prepper Camp. Stop by and see Brushfire Clothing in the Prepper Camp Event Shopping Mall when you arrive, to buy more.

(PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU PURCHASED MERCHANDISE ON LINE, YOUR STATEMENT MAY READ THAT PAYMENT WAS MADE TO: "Rick Austin" or  "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.")

Prepper Camp 2017 Logo T-Shirts!

You can own and wear the new 2017 Prepper Camp T-shirt at Prepper Camp this year! We have a new clever graphic, yet it is subdued on a military khaki colored material, for those of you who wish to display your pride, yet remain in the image of the "grey man".

We look forward to seeing you lookin' good at Prepper Camp! 

Small, Medium, Large and X-large             $14.95

2X and 3X                                                    $17.95

4X                                                                $19.95



Your Prepper Camp 2017 Tactical Backpack features a large main compartment with drawstring closer and elastic top cover with quick release buckles and for additional storage, each side of the bag has a large zippered pouch.  For added comfort the pack has padded shoulder straps and a padded back.
Only $45.00!


Your Prepper Camp 2017 Concealed Carry Messenger Bag allows you to carry your firearm, as well as brochures, books, notes, and other stuff you might buy at Prepper Camp 2017! The Concealed Carry Messenger Bag is 15” x 11” x 6” with a concealed carry compartment for firearms. The bag features concealed carry access via a top 13” zipper or two 8” side zippers.  The main compartment features a hard insert dividing the concealed carry compartment and the main storage compartment. The concealed carry compartment is fully lined with loop material to easily attach a holster panel at the desired angle. The compartment also contains 2 elastic loops on each side for single magazine storage. The bag has 2 front magnetic closure pockets lined with MOLLE straps on the outside. Additionally, there is a top carry handle and an adjustable padded shoulder strap with a detachable quick release buckle.
Only $35.00!


Your Prepper Camp 2017 MA-1 Boonie Hat. Rothco has taken two great classic military items and combined them to create the MA-1 Boonie Hat. Like their classic military boonie hat, the hat features 2 screened vents on the right side and an adjustable chin strap. The hat also features an MA-1 Flight Jacket style pocket on the left side.
After a good knife, a good hat is the #2 most important survival item.  So keep out of the sun, or shed the sprinkles at Prepper Camp, with this functional 2017 logo hat. (One size fits all.)
Only $15.00!

Your Prepper Camp Velcro Patch can be worn on your hats, clothing, backpack and more!  Patch is 2.5" tall and has the "hook" backing, so it will stick to any "loop" surface.  We will have a supply of these at Prepper Camp, so if you missed ordering them, you can get them at Prepper Camp... but supplies are limited.
Only $5.00! 


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